A suburban bipedal adventure

In Frankenbike, players take on the role of a ranger for the City of Sydney, whose job description has devolved in the year since the bikes’ arrival to unofficial bike baby-sitter– tasked with rounding up rogue bikes for prompt disposal. However, a chance encounter with a strangely sentient, yet injured bike on the road starts a journey through the streets of Sydney to recover its missing parts, in exchange for complete ownership of said bike. Along the way, the player is also challenged to solve various puzzles in order to uncover the hidden secrets of the city’s share bike network– can they take Bikey home before another opportunist comes by?

Five hand-illustrated scenes in suburban Sydney are available to explore.
They are comprised of site-specific references to events from the share bike news timeline.

Find Parts
Rebuild the Bike
Bike Is Eternally Grateful

As the bike is slowly rebuilt, players unlock short comic vignettes about its past and its pitiful attempts to settle into the city. These vignettes help tie the overarching story together and serve to flesh out the local modern history of the share bike.  

Frankenbike draws inspiration from the richly detailed scenes of a classic wimmerbilderbuch (hidden-picture book), hidden object game, and 90s point-and-click adventure. Cartoon-stylised yet detailed illustrations help build an atmosphere of whimsical Australiana, emphasising the locality and specificity of the Sydney share bike experience.